What am I Working with Now

After worked for more than 6 markets across the world, my thirst for gaining the best knowledge in this field has inspired me to take exposure on western markets. Thus in Canada I am currently working with one of the largest telecom operators in North American market. My current portfolio includes all about building analytics and automation around customer experience- design and delivery- whether they buy from a store or from online, from any type of medium where customer rate or writes reviews. I am the customer experience guy!

Each click on your screens tells about your experience and generates data that can be used to make your life more simple and enjoyable- love being the architect behind this!

The next best thing that I am working other than working with digital growths, I engage myself more with my family specially with my kids. To my surprise, they are also teaching me as to how todays generation see & do things differently. It makes my belief even more stronger that gone are those days for traditional approaches, digital is not the future, we are already in digital age!