• We Dated a man Having a Panty Fetish

    We Dated a man Having a Panty Fetish

    …and I’m astonished it switched me personally on a great deal.

    It didn’t take place want it does into the films.

    I did son’t learn about my boyfriend’s panty fetish by walking into my bed room and getting him standing right in front of my mirror, examining their bulging package during my satin panties.

    It really happened within the sweetest, most normal method for a intimate encounter to go — he politely asked for this.

    “This will probably appear strange, but can we smell your panties? ”

    I was thinking it had been a small weird but didn’t say therefore, then considered the filthiness quotient associated with the panties I’d taken off before intercourse.

    “Let me always always check them first, ” I made the decision.

    I rolled over during sex and scrounged around on the ground for my panties. The panties I experienced been putting on were ordinary, navy cotton that is blue briefs — nothing special or specially sexy.

    I felt a slick of wetness from our make out session earlier, and, still leaning over the bed where he couldn’t see, I brought them to my nose inside them.

    They smelled gently of a sexed up vagina because of the hint that is faintest of pee.

    Just What the hell else are panties designed to smell like? We wondered, after which I handed them to Joe, whom smiled like he’d simply robbed a candy shop.

    We viewed while he brought them to their face and inhaled, after which viewed their face melt in pleasure and leisure.

    It might be a month or more them on before he started trying.

    For the fetish, it wasn’t a negative one.

    Besides David whom introduced us to the entire world of BDSM, I experiencedn’t actually been with anybody who possessed a kink or fetish before, and hadn’t yet emerge with mine myself, so that it was interesting to view Joe enjoy to get down back at my panties.

    Like, literally log off on it.

    We’d a masturbation that is mutual at one point where he had been huffing a few my panties, jerking down with certainly one of my thong strings riding up their butt.

    He liked to simply take my dirty panties house with him — and I also didn’t care just what he did using them, because he’d constantly bring them back washed.

    But there was clearly absolutely nothing he adored significantly more than using my panties out in public.

    It was out little secret, and that’s the part that turned me personally on and got me personally hot, to understand that my boyfriend ended up being doing one thing he considered sexy intercourse play call at general public, i really could get on board that train and play along.

    His favorite action to take ended up being just simply take me personally to Victoria’s Secret.

    We might walk round the tables of completely presented panties and Joe would discretely point out the people he desired us to purchase for him to wear…after I experienced used them.

    I’m amazed I was turned by it in.

    At first I was thinking the whole hot mature sex thing ended up being type of strange.

    Why did he would you like to wear my panties?

    Ended up being hi bi? Ended up being he homosexual? Did he have mommy dilemmas he needed seriously to exercise?

    Therefore, used to do that thing that folks do once they wish to have relationships that are goodI simply asked him why he liked it a great deal.

    “Well, one thing concerning the smell simply gets me actually riled up and fired up, possibly pheromones or something, ” he said.

    “But wearing them? ”

    Joe shrugged. “It simply feels good. I prefer the real means they hold my junk, I like experiencing the thongs up my ass whenever I’m walking on, and I also just like the sense of secretly wearing them in public areas, ” he admitted.

    I said“Because it’s naughty.

    “Well, yeah, ” he said.

    It surely got to the main point where it turned me in to see him therefore switched on using my panties during intercourse — We still can’t get over just how strange it seems, however it’s true.

    Often intercourse is strange.

    Sometimes fetishes are weird…a complete great deal weirder than that.

    Nonetheless they could all be handled in a relationship this is certainly ready to accept paying attention and good interaction.

    Yes, in the beginning we thought Joe’s panty fetish really was strange, but had we said such a thing about any of it or rejected him because of it i might have harmed their emotions and pride.

    Physically, I’d instead be accepting and open, and prepared to provide things a go, than just closed them straight straight down cause I’m a small freaked out.

    For me, it is constantly a thing that is good take to something not used to spice things up when you look at the room, of course some body includes a fetish, you need to at the least provide it one whirl to observe how you experience about any of it.